the 23rd International Conference on Plastic Optical Fibers (POF 2014)

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8 Oct. (Wed)


Opening Remarks

Y. Koike
(Chair, POF2014)

S. Miyata
(Program Officer, S-Innovation Program, JST)


Materials & Fiber Tech. (Session Chair : Y. Koike)

9:55-10:20 Invited

Recent Progress of Perfluorinated GI-POF

Y. Watanabe, O. Kimoto, and M. Ohgawara
(Asahi Glass Co., Ltd., Japan)


Fabrication of Active and Passive Singlemode Polymer Optical Fibers

R. Evert , D. Zaremba, A. Cichosch, R. Caspary, H.-H. Johannes, and W. Kowalsky
(TU Braunschweig, Germany)


Coffee Break


Datacom & Network (Session Chair : H. Poisel)

11:00-11:25 Invited

Noise and High Speed MMF Links

S. K. Pavan 1, J. Lavrencik, and S. E. Ralph 1
(Georgia Institute of Technology, U. S. A. )

11:25-11:50 Invited

POF Based Home Networks: from Academic to Industry

E. Tangdiongga 1, Y. Shi 2, and A.M.J. Koonen 1
(1: Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands. 2: Genexis B.V., The Netherlands)


Launching Condition Dependence of Noise Reduction Effect in Radio over Fiber Systems with Graded-Index Plastic Optical Fibers

A. Inoue 1, R. Furukawa 2, M. Matsuura 2, and Y. Koike1
(1: Keio University, Japan 2: University of Electro-Communications, Japan)




Active & Passive Devices (Session Chair : O. Sugihara)

13:25-13:50 Invited

Fiberoptic Rotary Joints Reach a New Dimension in Transmission Capacity

H. Poisel 1, O. Ziemann 1, A. Bachmann 1, M. Brechtel 1, F. Winkler 1, T. Mohrberg 1, P. Dengler 1, P. Doerjes 1, H. Langhals 2, T. Schluecker 2, and G. Schoppel 3
(1: Technische Hochschule G.S.Ohm, Germany 2: Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich, Germany 3: Venturetec Mechatronics GmbH, Germany)

13:50-14:15 Invited

Optimization of Ball Lens Assembly Design for GI POF Optical Micro-Collimator

A. Mitsui 1, H. Suzuki 1, T. Torikai 1, H. Takizuka 2, T. Toma 2, and Y. Koike 2
(1: Mitsubishi Pencil, Japan 2: Keio University, Japan)


A Study on the Use of Yellow/Orange Semiconductor Light Sources for Data Transmission along PMMA Plastic Optical Fibres

R. M. Ribeiro, C.R.L. Rodrigues, V. N. H. Silva, and A. P. L. Barbero
(Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil)


Coffee Break


Sensors & Detectors (Session Chair : J. Zubia)

14:55-15:20 Invited

Clinical Application of Plastic Optical Fiber-Based Sleep Apnea Sensor

S. Mitachi
(Tokyo University of Technology, Japan)


Plastic Fiber Based Cylindrical Whispering Gallery Mode Microresonators for Sensing Applications

Y. Semenova, V. Kavungal, Q. Wu, and G. Farrell
(Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland)


Investigations on Climatic Influences on Spectral Backscatter Properties of Perfluorinated-POF for Distributed Sensing

M. Steffen, S. Liehr, and K. Krebber
(Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), Germany)


ArF Excimer Laser Microprocessing of Polymer Optical Fibers for Customized Sensors Development

L. Athanasekos 1, 2, M. Vasileiadis 1, 2, A. El Sachat 1, 3, N. A. Vainos 1, 2 and C. Riziotis 1
(1: National Hellenic Research Foundation, Greece 2: University of Patras, Greece 3: Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology ICN2, Spain)


Poster Session


Switching Electrical Power with Polymer Optical Fibers

K. Smirnow, S. Loquai, J. Fischer, O. Ziemann and T. Becker
(Technische Hochschule G.S.Ohm, Germany)


Correlation between Mode Coupling and Light Scattering Caused by Microscopic Heterogeneous Structure in Graded-Index Plastic Optical Fiber

T. Kashiwazaki, A. Inoue, and Y. Koike
(Keio University, Japan)


Study on Graded Index Plastic Optical Fiber with High Humidity Stability

N. Uratani, A. Inoue, K. Makino, A. Kondo, and Y. Koike
(Keio University, Japan)


Optical Evaluation of the Coupling Zone between Concentrating Optics and a Polymer Optical Fiber

L. Krasznek, A. Dwars, H. Poisel, and J. Vinogradov
(Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm, Germany)


Characterization of Micro-Structured POF for Short-Reach Communication

G. Surkova 1, 2, R. Lwin 3, S. Leon-Sava 3, A. Argyros 3, H. Poisel 1, A. Zadorin 2 and R. Kruglov 1
(1: Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm, Germany 2: Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics, Germany 3: The University of Sydney, Australia)


Improved Modelling of Connector Losses for SI-POF Based on Exact Values for the Radiance at Fiber End Faces

J. Xu, M. Bloos, and H. Poisel
(Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm, Germany)


Giant-Strain Dependence of Propagation Loss in Perfluorinated Plastic Optical Fibers

H. Ujihara, N. Hayashi, M. Tabaru, Y. Mizuno, and K. Nakamura
(Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)


Non Destructive Testing Technique Using Speckle Patterns Obtained from Plastic Optical Fiber

M. Lomer, F. Madruga, L. Rodriguez-Cobo, J. Zubia, and J.M. Lopez-Higuera
(University of Cantabria, Spain)


A Study on Effect of Maneuver Training to Suppress Decline of Working Efficiency by Visual Delay in Telesurgery

I. Maida, 1, H. Sato 2, and T. Toma 1
(1: Keio University, Japan 2: Keisoku Giken Co., Ltd, Japan )


Four-Channel WDM Transmission via 1-mm SI-POF Employing DMT Modulation

M. Jončić 1, R. Kruglov 2, M. Haupt 1, R. Caspary 3, J. Vinogradov 2, U. H. P. Fischer 1, and O. Ziemann 2
(1: Harz University of Applied Sciences, Germany 2: University of Applied Sciences “Georg Simon Ohm”, Germany 3: Technische Universitat Braunschweig, Germany)


Performance Evaluation of Short-Range PF-GIPOF Links: on Discrete Multi-Tone Transmission and WDM Enhancement

D.S. Montero 1, P.J. Pinzón 1, A. Tapetado 1, C. Vázquez 1, and J. Zubia 2
(1: Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain 2: University of the Basque Country, Spain)


Microalgae Cultivation by Solar Concentration in a Modified POF Bundle

D. A. P. Da Ponte, A., Cordova, M. M. Werneck, Y. R. Cruz, R. C. Allil, D. A. G. Aranda, L. G. Carvalho, and R. C. V. Paula
(Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil )


Fabrication and Light Branching of Negative Type GI Plastic Optical Fiber

K. Tsukada,K. Asakura, and E. Nihei
(Keio University, Japan)


Effect of Dopant Structure on Refractive Index and Glass Transition Temperature of GI POF Cores

K. Koike 1, H. Teng 2, Y. Koike 1, and Y. Okamoto 2
(1: Keio University, Japan 2: NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering, U. S. A.)


Graded-Index Polymer Optical Fiber with High Temperature Stability

H. Yoshida 1, R. Nakao 1, Y. Masabe 1, K. Koike 2, and Y. Koike 2
(1: Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd., Japan 2: Keio University, Japan)


Probing Polarisation from a Single-Mode Microstructured Polymer Optical Fibre for Mass Sensing

G. Durana, O. Arrizabalaga, G. Aldabaldetreku, J. Villatoro, and J. Zubia
(University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), Spain)


Plastic Optical Fiber Sensor for Measuring of Respiration Based on Changes Speckle Patterns

M. Lomer 1, L. Rodriguez-Cobo 1, V. Landeras 1, J. Zubia 2, F. Madruga 1, and J.M. Lopez-Higuera 1
(1: University of Cantabria, Spain
2: University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), Spain)


Chemical Warfare Agents Sensor Based on POF Bi-Conical Taper Technology

P. Pura, I. Jakubowska, K. Stasiewicz, P. Marc, R. Wonko, and L.R. Jaroszewicz
(Military University of Technology, Poland)


Autonomous and Wireless-Enabled Multiagent Chemical and Biological Sensors Based on Polymer Optical Fibers

C. Riziotis, L. Athanasekos, A. El Sachat, A. Meristoudi, and S. Pispas
(National Hellenic Research Foundation, Greece)


Strain Monitoring of Energetic Elastomeric Composites by Embedded Plastic Optical Fibers

C. Riziotis, L. Eineder , L. Bancallari, and G. Tussiwand
(National Hellenic Research Foundation, Greece)


Testing Different POF Sensor Architectures for a Rapid Response Escherichia Coli Biosensor

V. M. Queiroz 1, D. M. C. Rodrigues 1, R. C. S. B. Allil 1, 2, R. N. Lopes 1, D. Rambauske 2, M. F. R. M. Figueira 1, M. M. Werneck 1
(1: Federal University of Rio deJaneiro, Brazil 2: Brazilian Army Technological Center, Brazil)


Brillouin Frequency Shift Hopping in Plastic Optical Fiber

N. Hayashi, K. Minakawa, Y. Mizuno, and K. Nakamura
(Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)


Brillouin Properties Influenced by Glass Transition in Plastic Optical Fibers

K. Minakawa 1, K. Koike 2, Q. Du 3. N. Hayashi 1, Y. Koike 2, Y. Mizuno, and K. Nakamura 1
(1: Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan 2: Keio University, Japan 3: Polytechnic School of Engineering, New York University, U.S.A. )


Strain and Temperature Sensing Based on Multimode Interference in Perfluorinated Plastic Optical Fibers

G. Numata, N. Hayashi, M. Tabaru, Y. Mizuno, and K. Nakamura
(Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)


Plastic Optical Fiber Fuse: Characterization and Real-Time Monitoring

Y. Mizuno, N. Hayashi, H. Tanaka, and K. Nakamura
(Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)


Performance Characterization of a Low-Cost Optical Current Sensor against Temperature Fluctuations

I. García 1, J. Zubia 1, E. Arrospide 1, A. Berganza 1, L. Casado 2, C. Vázquez 3, J. Mateo 4
(1: University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), Spain 2: Smart Grid, Spain 3: Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain 4: University of Zaragoza, Spain)


Investigation of Cutting Method for Graded Index Plastic Optical Fiber to Minimize Optical Power Losses

K. Yoshimura 1, S. Oi 1, H. Takizuka 2, T. Toma 2, and Y. Koike 2
(1: Honda Tsushin Kogyo Co, Ltd., Japan 2: Keio University, Japan)


Optical Module for Graded-Index Plastic Optical Fiber

K. Yoshimura and S. Oi
(Honda Tsushin Kogyo Co., Ltd., Japan)


Study of the GI POF High Speed Link in a Residential House to the Present and for the Future

T. Taniguchi 1, H. Yoshida 1, T. Toma 2, and Y. Koike 2
(1: Sekisui Chemical, Co., Ltd., Japan 2: Keio University, Japan)


Consumption of Photopolymer Molecules per bit in Time Series Collinear Holographic Memory

T. Shimura 1, T. Nozaki 1, R. Fujimura 2, and K. Kuroda 2
(1: The University of Tokyo, Japan 2: Utsunomiya University, Japan )


Simultaneous Two Data Pages Recording and by Dual-Channel Polarization Holography in a Photoinduced Birefringent Polymer and Simultaneous Reconstruction Using an Image Sensor

D. Barada, S. Kawata, and T. Yatagai
(Utsunomiya University, Japan)


The Comparison of Formation of Photo-Induced Grating in Azo-Carbazole Dye Doped Polymer by linearly and Circularly Polarized Laser Irradiation

K. Tada, T. Imai, and Y. Kawabe
(Chitose Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)


Athermal Silicon Photonic Devices Using Hybrid Polymer Cladding

T. Kita 1, F. S. Tan, O. Sugihara 2, H. Yamada 1, and T. Kaino 1
(1: Tohoku University, Japan 2: Utsunomiya University, Japan)


Triphenylamine-Based Photoconductive Polymers: Toward Video Rate Response Photorefractive Device

H. N. Giang, K. Kinashi, W. Sakai and N. Tsutsumi
(Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan)


Ultra-High Sensitive Photorefractive Polymer and Its Mechanism

K. Kinashi, K. Masumura, W. Sakai, and N. Tsutsumi
(Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan)


Enhanced Single Photon Generation on a Nanofiber with a Composite Photonic Crystal Cavity

R. Yalla, M. Sadgrove, K. P. Nayak, and K. Hakuta
(The University of Electro-Communications, Japan)


Modal Power Distributions in Multimode Optical Fibers: Standardization and Application to Automotive Networks

M. Kagami, A. Kawasaki, and M. Yonemura
(Toyota Central R&D Labs., Japan)


Development of High Transmission Silica Optical Nanofiber Production Technology

H. Iida 1, H. Shiratori 1, R. Osada 1, N. Ishihara 1, and K. Hakuta 2
(1: Ishihara Sangyo Co., Ltd., Japan 2:University of Electro-Communications, Japan)


Optoelectronic Non-Linearity of Visible Wavelength LEDs at MHz Frequencies Intended for PMMA SI-POF Links

S. S. O. Júnior, R. M. Ribeiro, V. N. H. Silva, and A. P. L. Barbero
(Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil)


Nanodiamond-Dispersed Transparent Screen

S. Masuko 1, K. Sakajiri 1, S. Kakimoto 2, T. Fujimura 2, J. Watanabe 1, and M. Tokita 1
(1: Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan 2: Vision Development Co., Ltd., Japan)

9 Oct. (Thu)


Materials & Fiber Tech (Session Chair : W. R. White)

9:30-9:55 Invited

Second Cladding Manipulation in DSI-POF

S. Sasho
(Asahi Kasei E-Materials Corporation, Japan)

9:55-10:20 Invited

Step Index Plastic Optical Fiber(SI-POF) Technology for Data-com Application

Y. Tsukamoto and T. Kimura
(Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd., Japan)


Novel Concepts for Copolymer Based High Temperature POFs

D. Zaremba, R. Evert, A. Cichosch, R. Caspary, W. Kowalsky and H.-H. Johannes
(TU Braunschweig, Germany)


Coffee Break


Datacom & Network (Session Chair : S. Ralph)

11:10-11:35 Invited

Current and Future In-Vehicle Optical Communication

N. Serizawa
(Yazaki Corporation, Japan)


Implementation of WDM Technology for Data Transmission over 50-m SI-POF beyond 20 Gb/s

R. Kruglov 1, J. Vinogradov 1, S. Loquai 1, O. Ziemann 1, C.-A. Bunge 2, T. Hager 3, and U. Strauss 3
(1: Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm, Germany 2:University for Telecommunication Leipzig, Germany 3:OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH, Germany)


Design and Analysis of a WDM System for Multi-Gbit/s Transmission over 50 m of SI-POF

P.J. Pinzón, C. Vázquez, I. Pérez, and P.C. Lallana
(Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain)




Photonics Polymers (Session Chair : T. Toma)

13:30-13:55 Invited

Recent Research and Development Activities on Plastic Optical Fibers in Korea

B. R. Kim and S. H. Park
(Yonsei University, Korea)

13:55-14:20 Invited

Recent Progress of Optical Interconnect Devices Using Photonic Polymers

O. Sugihara 1, T. Kita 2, D. Inoue 3, F. S. Tan 1, A. Hattori 4, A. Kawasaki 3, M. Sato 4, T. Yamashita 3, M. Mizuno 5, S. Okada 6, M. Kagami 3, M.Tsuchimori 3, O. Watanabe 3, H. Yamada 2, and T. Kaino 2
(1: Utsunomiya University, Japan 2: Tohoku University, Japan 3: Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc., Japan 4: Fujifilm Corporation, Japan 5: Denso Corporation, Japan 6: Yamagata University, Japan)

14:20-14:45 Invited

Updatable 3D Holographic Display System: S-Innovation Project’s Strategy and Future Perspectives

N. Tsutsumi 1, K. Kinashi 1, Y. Kawabe 2, K. Tada 2, K. Fukuzawa 2, T. Sasaki 3, Y. Naka 3, T. Sassa 4, and T. Fujihara 4
(1: Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan 2: Chitose Institute of Science and Technology, Japan 3: Tokyo University of Science, Japan 4: Riken, Japan)

14:45-15:10 Invited

Optical Nanofiber Technologies for Quantum Photonics

K. Hakuta, K. P. Nayak, S. Sadgrove, R. R. Yalla, and S. Tomaru
(The University of Electro Communications, Japan)


Coffee Break


Special Session "Towards 4K/8K"

Moderator: Y. Koike(Chair, POF2014)


8K Super HI-Vision: A Generational Leap in the Evolution of Television

M. Sugawara
(NHK Science and Technology Research Laboratories, Japan)


Recent Trends and Future Opportunities of Mobile Displays

H. Ohshima
(Japan Display Inc., Japan)


POF for 4K/8K HDMI Video Installations

W. R. White
(Chromis Fiberoptics Inc., U. S. A.)



10 Oct. (Fri)


Sensors & Detectors (Session Chair : J. Zubia)

9:30-9:55 Invited

POF-Based Distributed Brillouin Sensing

Y. Mizuno, N. Hayashi, and K. Nakamura
(Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)


Stress-Induced Light Leakage of Rhodamine 6G Doped Polymer Optical Fiber

R. Furukawa 1, D. Mizorogi 1, K. Tsukada 1, E. Nihei 2, M. Matsuura 1, A. Inoue 2, A. Tagaya 2, and Y. Koike 2
(1:University of Electro-Communicatons, Japan 2:Keio University, Japan)


A POF Alkane Sensor Employing Antioxidant-Added Swellable Polymer Cladding

K. Uda and M. Morisawa
(University of Yamanashi, Japan)


Coffee Break


Sensors & Detectors (Session Chair: Y. Mizuno)

11:00-11:25 Invited

Mechanical Sensing with Microstructured POF

J. Zubia, G. Durana, G. Aldabaldetreku, O. Arrizabalaga, and M. A. Illarramendi
(University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), Spain)


Development of a Fiber Optical Cell Collector and Sensor (FOCCS)

D. Steinbrück 1, S. Krusekopf 2, R. Niestroj-Pahl 2, A. Gessner 3, A. Techen 3, F. Morgner 3, S. Sass 1, K. Lücke 2, and H.-G. Löhmannsröben 1
(1:University of Potsdam, Germany 2:GILUPI GmbH, Germany 3:Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research, Germany)


Sensitivity-Enhanced Detection of Partial Discharge in Cable Accessories Using Fluorescent Polymer Optical Fibre-Sensor

D. Siebler 1, P. Rohwetter 1, R. Brusenbach 2, C. Lothongkam 1, G. Heidmann 3, A. Leistner 4, and R. Plath 5
(1: BAM Federal Institute of Materials Research and Testing, Germany 2: TU Berlin, Germany 3: IPH GmbH, Germany 4: Polymerics GmbH, Germany 5: HPS Berlin GmbH, Germany )


Lunch / ICPOF Luncheon Meeting


Datacom & Network (Session Chair : E. Tangdiongga)

13:50-14:15 Invited

Feasibility of Optical Star/Ring Networks for Small Area Communications

K. Oguchi
(Seikei University, Japan)


Using ICT to Provide Remote Medical Consultations in an Increasingly Elderly Society in Japan

J. Katsumata and T. Toma
(Keio University, Japan)


Development of WDM Optical Transmission System over GI-POF Pair Cable for Television RF, Gigabit-Ethernet, and HDMI/DVI

T. Toma 1, T. Sugeta 2, A. Inoue 1, and Y. Koike 1
(1:Keio University, Japan 2:E-Lambdanet, Japan)


Coffee Break


Characteristics (Session Chair : S. H. Park)


Evaluation and Analysis of Transmission Characteristics for Bend Insensitive GI-POF

T. Aiba 1, H. Ishida 2, T. Wakabayashi 2, and Y. Koyamada 1
(1: Ibaraki University, Japan 2: Yazaki Corporation, Japan)


Polarization Properties in Doped Polymer Optical Fibers

M. A. Illarramendi 1, J. Arrue 1, J. Zubia 1, I. Bikandi 1, A. Tagaya 2, and Y. Koike 2
(1: University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), Spain 2: Keio University, Japan)


Post Deadline Papers


Closing Remarks